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Posted on 11-06-2023 09:54 AM

Superb customer service seamless transition for your customers reliable source of capital for your business we will consider any make and model we purchase weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly accounts can fund in as little as seven  days no upper limit to portfolio size no vehicle year or mileage restrictions minimum purchase: 15 accounts we buy charge-off accounts we buy the following portfolios: sub-prime loans ** auto portfolios,  performing ** non-performing** let us help you convert your bhph notes from cash slow to cash flow today! privacy policy terms are you a buy here pay here dealer looking to sell your auto loans? challenge. Statistics: harvard university found that your chance of getting in touch with a lead decreases by 80% if they aren’t contacted in 5 minutes or less!. dealer

Selling a portfolio of buy here pay here notes is known as a buy here pay here bulk purchase. Companies that buy buy here pay here notes are auto portfolio buyers. Buy here pay here portfolio purchasers buy your bhph notes from you. This allows the dealer to have instant cash flow now rather than waiting for the notes to pay out over time. Allowing them to cover expenses, purchase more inventory and do what they do best. Sell more cars. Sell bhpp notes save on collection costs, and reduce your risk. https://www.bhphdealercapital.com/sell-buy-here-pay-here-accounts/

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Accounts.

Another common way to fund a bhph operation is to periodically sell notes in bulk. Pros: maintaining a positive spread between the cost of originations and the purchase price of the notes can allow you to create early profits and potentially fund future originations at the same time. seller This can be a good option for dealers who want to maintain a limited staff and prefer not to invest in growing their collections and service departments as the portfolio grows. Cons: periodic setbacks following a note sale can stunt the growth of your portfolio. In addition, selling notes can cost a bhph dealership one of its most effective advantages – the ongoing relationship built with its customers through regular collections, which often leads to repeat and referral customers.

Are you tired of tracking down customers for monthly car payments when you could - and should - be selling more cars and making more money for your business? our auto finance program gives you the benefits of buy here pay here minus the collections hassle. Our goal is to help you focus on doing what you do best - sell - while we manage the collections. And the best part is, you get up to an 80% piece of those future collections! more money, less hassle.

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Arrow acceptance is ready to buy your bulk auto accounts. We work with any dealer, broker, or finance company who is looking to sell performing retail installment auto portfolios. Arrow purchases bulk bhph notes for cars, motorcycles, commercial trailers, and powersports vehicles. Unlike other companies, we don’t have limitations or restrictions on portfolio size, contract age, apr (yes, even 0%!), mileage, vehicle age, and we even buy salvage and branded titles. Our programs are specifically designed for buy here pay here businesses, big or small, and we uniquely understand the needs of independent bhph auto dealers as members of many regional trade associations.

We are a top buying source in the market when it comes to purchasing auto bulk paper. We specialize in in various types of auto bulk portfolios ranging in size from $25,000 to $10,000,000 loan portfolio purchases in deep sub-prime auto paper (bhph) as well as auto lease portfolios.

Are you a finance company, bank or private investor looking to purchase bulk auto loans? if so, you’ve come to the right place! our database represents hundreds of independent auto dealers and finance companies looking to sell their loans. Our experienced team has sourced very large portfolios and clients throughout their careers. Having relationships nationwide gives us the ability to serve any market. Our team is very well versed in bhph underwriting, all prominent dms providers and the entire buying market. Our portfolio offerings will include complete and comprehensive data as well as a complete originator profile. No more chasing data! no more chasing deals! let us show you a better way to purchase bulk auto loans!.