What is Professional Carpet Cleaning Doing Differently in Santa Clarita?

by Cindy

Posted on 01-02-2024 12:14 PM

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Clarita is doing something different than other carpet cleaning companies! It's using a technique that doesn't just rely on traditional vacuuming and scrubbing to remove dirt and stains, instead it uses an advanced steam cleaning system. This method utilizes high-temperature water mixed with special detergents to quickly and effectively break down the dirt and grime before extracting it from the fibers of the carpets. (The result? A much deeper clean!)


Furthermore, this system also has an anti-bacterial agent that is injected into the carpets prior to extraction, which helps inhibit bacterial growth as well as odors caused by pet stains or smoke. Not only does this help ensure that your carpets are properly sanitized, but it also reduces allergens in the air. Plus, since traditional shampooing can leave residue behind on your carpets that can attract dust and dirt particles, this method eliminates this risk of re-soiling.


In addition to deep cleaning your carpets, Professional Carpet Cleaners in Santa Clarita is also offering some other services like upholstery cleaning and tile/grout restoration. Upholstery needs special attention due to its delicate fabrics that require gentle yet powerful cleaning solutions for a refresher or stain removal treatment. Tile/grout restoration involves removing old grout between tiles and replacing them with fresh new grout sealant for a renewed finish - perfect for making any room look brand new again!


Overall, Professional Carpet Cleaners in Santa Clarita is taking their services up a notch by providing thorough yet safe (and even preventative) measures for keeping your home free from toxins and allergens while restoring its original beauty! From steam cleaning technology to tile/grout restoration services - they're sure to make every one of your rooms look amazing! So why not give them a try today?!